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Year: Graduate Student

Major: Nonprofit Management

Dream Job: I would love to work for a foundation that supports social justice and grassroots organizations, especially those that lack 501 status like Sankofa Collective NW or Assataís Daughters in Chicago.  Organizations/groups like these do amazing work and provide great programs that make a great impact on society but deal with barriers that prevent them from applying for 501 status.

Why are you attending UO? I worked in the culinary industry for 5 years before I began my program.  Through my experience in the culinary industry, I learned how cooks and farm workers (especially immigrants) are exploited and work in unsafe environments.  I wanted to advocate for people in the culinary and farmworker community, hence I entered graduate school for Nonprofit Management.

How/why do you want to change the world? That is a difficult question because there is much I would like to change.  For example, I would like to get rid of economic inequality and xenophobia.  A good start would be to make sure that farm and food service workers are fairly compensated.

What has been the best part of your college experience? The friendships and relationships I have with fellow UO students have been the best part of my experience.  Moving here from Chicago was a culture shock. Although Oregon is very beautiful, on campus and in Eugene I had to endure racial and gender intolerance.