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Age: 19

Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii

Year: Sophomore

Majors: Political Science and Media Studies

Minors: Writing, Public Speaking, Critical Reasoning

Dream Job: Copyright and Contract Lawyer in the Entertainment Industry and the Tech Industry.

Why are you attending UO?  Hawaii is a very small place, so I knew that I wanted to venture out and explore different places and experience different cultures and environments, and what better place to do that then at the University of Oregon. The UO is a great place for me to start my life adventure and I’m glad that I am attending such an amazing school with extraordinary people.

How/why do you want to change the world? Society creates so many labels based on different social identities. However, these labels are false most of the time, and I myself have succumbed to these false conventional images many times. Being mostly Native Hawaiian, many people assume that I’m “poor” or that I’m “lazy”, but the truth of the matter is that I’m not. I am privileged enough to be born and raised in an upper class family, and I sit on multiple executive boards across the school community trying to make a positive change on this campus. Labels made on every other social identity out there are almost always false and I want society to realize it. No one should be subjected to a label. We are all unique and extraordinary in our own way, and I am a prime example that proves that labels have no significance in society because labels do not and will not ever define a person’s own true identity.

What has been the best part of your college experience? Creating these long-lasting connections with other people is the best part of my college experience. I have met so many extraordinary people, so far, and these people have made a positive impact on my life in every shape and form. Family is an important attribute within Hawaiian culture and I would definitely think of these people more like my family.

What are you proud to have been involved with at UO?

I am proud of my involvement in Fraternity & Sorority Life. Previously, I was Philanthropy Chair for my Fraternity, Alpha Tau Omega, to being Secretary currently. I am also a Representative for my Chapter in Junior Greek Council and Recruitment Counselor for the Interfraternity Council. I am also proud of my involvement in Residence Life. I am currently a Resident Assistant and will continue to be one next year. I am also proud to be chosen as Philanthropy Chair for the Pacific Affiliate College & University Residence Hall Conference that is coming up this Fall. I am also proud of my involvement in multiple advisory boards for the school, including the Dean of Students Board, Career Center Board, and Student Recreation Center Board. Last but not least, I am proud of my involvement in Teach for America as a Campus Recruiter.

What are some of your goals after college?

My short-term goal is to go to Law School and Business School after college and receive a JD/ MBA dual-degree. Then I hope to go and work for a law firm down in California. Then in ten years after that, go and work as a General Counsel for a mass media company or a tech company. My long-term goal is to become a trustee for my high school alma mater, Kamehameha Schools, and a trustee for my elementary/middle school, Island Pacific Academy, as well as a trustee for the University of Oregon (hopefully the board is reading this). My long-long-term goal is to start a foundation and give back to the Native Hawaiian people and pave a path for Native Hawaiians to succeed in all areas of life.

Who’s your biggest role model/influencer?

I cannot choose one, so my biggest role models would have to be five people: God, my parents, Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop, and my middle school math teacher, Michael David. God has given me faith to believe in myself that my dreams are possible. My parents have given me the motivation to make those dreams a possibility. Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop opened up doors to make my dreams possible. And Michael David made my dreams go from a possibility to a reality. Without these five people, I would not be in the position I am in today and I thank them everyday for all that they have done for me.

Which fictional character is most like yourself? I would have to say Mickey Mouse because Mickey is a born leader and I like to think of myself as a leader. Mickey is always front and center and that’s how I like to be in life…the center of attention. Also, I love Mickey and just all things Disney.

What is one fun fact about you?

I am a direct descendant of the House of Kamehameha, which was one of only two Royal Families that existed when Hawaii was a Monarchy in the 19th century, which means that if Hawaii was still a Monarchy today, then I would most likely be Prince today.