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Year: Senior

Major: Human Physiology

How/Why do you want to change the world?
One day, I hope to become a practicing physician and work with healthcare policy makers to provide more accessible healthcare services for disadvantaged communities.

What are you proud to have been involved with at UO?
Throughout my undergraduate experience, I’ve been heavily involved with programs that offer academic support to low-SES grade school students and also inspire them to pursue post-secondary education opportunities. I’ve been a part of OYSP, SAIL, and ASPIRE which are organizations that do tremendous work for student in the surrounding Eugene and Springfield communities. I encourage students to get involved with similar opportunities and make a difference!

Who is your biggest role model and why?
My Dad. He’s taught me that nothing can beat a strong work ethic and grit.

What are your goals after college?
Short term goal: apply to medical school. Long term goal: avoid taco bell.

Which fictional character is most like yourself?
Tom Haverford – according to a buzzfeed quiz.

What is one fun fact about you?
On average, I lose a water bottle every 3 months.