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Year: Senior

Major: Family and Human Services

Dream Job: I really want to work with college students, specifically underrepresented college students. Any career that gives me that would be great.

Why are you attending UO?
Itís close to home, and I knew that there was a wushu club here, which is Chinese martial arts. I’ve been participating in wushu since I was in middle school. Itís really rare for a school in Oregon to offer that.

How/why do you want to change the world?
I really want to work with younger generations, and inspire and motivate them to make change that can benefit the community. Thereís just so much going on. I think, as a person of color on campus, Iíve learned a lot about what it means to be Asian American. I want to inspire others to learn more about themselves and use that to their advantage. Being a person of color, we often see that as a weakness, but we can find strength in the things that are perceived to be weaknesses.

What has been the best part of your college experience?
Having a community on campus that I feel like I belong in. One of the groups is APASU, the Asian and Pacific American Student Union. That has been one of the best experiences here, just being able to share similar experiences. Thereís so much diversity within the group and itís really inspiring to learn from my peers.

What are you proud to have been involved with at UO? 
APASU, wushu, and the Center for Multicultural Academic Excellence.

What are some of your goals after college?
I’m planning to go to OSU for graduate school, and I really want to go back to Asia to visit my family there.

Who’s your biggest role model/influencer? 
I think the community in APASU has kept me going the last four years. Theyíve always supported me and everything I do. Also, I would say, David To. He was my academic advisor and the Asian and Pacific Islander retention specialist in the CMAE. He showed me what the field of student affairs was, and thatís how I got into it. He continuously pushed me during the last few years of my time here.

What fictional character is most like you?
Snorlax from Pokemon. I really love to eat and sleep.

What is one fun fact about you?
My parents were going to name me Rainbow, but they decided that that would be too embarrassing.