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Year: Sophomore

Major: Planning, Public Policy and Management and Educational Foundations, Minors in Special Education, Food Studies, Non-Profit Management

Dream Job: I actually want to open my own elementary charter school that is a Waldorf-inspired charter school with a special education program.

Why are you attending UO? I mainly chose UO for the education program. I had heard amazing things about the program and professors. There are incredibly smart people working there

How/why do you want to change the world? I really want to change the way we look at education. I think that we are really focused on fundamentals and we forget to inspire students and thatís a real crime to the students. And why? Well, why not? Who else is going to do it?

What has been the best part of your college experience? Just meeting people who are incredibly passionate about they are doing. You talk to people in random classes or even at Starbucks and you meet people who are here for incredible reasons and thatís really inspiring. Plus, the trees. It’s such a beautiful campus.

What are you proud to have been involved with at UO? Probably being involved with the education department. It’s an incredible group of people and I can’t

What are some of your goals after college? After college, I’d like to go to grad school and Iíd like to work for an education-based non-profit, specifically one that works with changing the education system within the United States and the way we approach early childhood development and learning.

Who’s your biggest role model/influencer? My mom because she teaches for a head start program. I got to see her work with all these kids and I get to watch kids interact with her and light up and I think thatís really inspiring. She has always encouraged

Which fictional character is most like yourself? (Roald Dahlís) Matilda because Iíve always really resonated with her. Sheís super passionate and she does anything that she can do to reach her goals and do what she thinks is right.

What is one fun fact about you? When I was little I was a child actor on PBS shows. I was on ‘Reading Rainbow’ and ‘A Children’s Place.’